12 Fashionable Horizontal Striped Drapes


Horizontal striped drapes – For you who want to have a modern and contemporary appealing, you need to consider for having such an eye-catching drapes. It depends on you when choosing style and concept of your room. You may make it looks luxurious, casual, stylish and even antique. If you want to have casual and modern room concept, you need to choose the right curtain or drape as well. This item will be a very important focal point for your room that helps you setting beauty.

You can perfect your casual living room with horizontal striped drapes. This type of accent can work best for your contemporary room style. It is very cool for living room and also bedroom. You need to choose good quality material of its fabric, but it is not made of silk material. You can consider such a fabric with certain thickness. It might be thick or sheer, depending on your need and preference.

Adding accent for your living room would be a very great way in making the room looks the more valuable. Your accent source could be from fabric such as rug and curtain. Horizontal striped drapes would be the great additional accent, and it will be successful in making your own living room and also bedroom appears fashionable, stylish, but still casual. You can match it with another accent as well including bold or floral accent.

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