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You can take your amazing beds, go to bed with someone, bed or simply go to bed at the end of the day. Home has one, two, three or more rooms for the bed. Family members have their own beds, starting in the cradle. The beds are made up of soft mattresses, fresh linen and warm blankets. They are covered in blankets, blankets, blankets and pillows located in Shams


Bed frames discovered in Egypt dates to early dynastic times, about 3100 BC. These awesome beds were little more than wooden frames with braided rope or leather bands stretched over them. The mattress, if used, was a little more than a bag of linen filled with plant material or animal hair. The ancient Greeks developed a versatile bed called Kline. Used to eat dinner, spare time and sleep, Kline was a sofa of wood, iron or bronze. The head was a little up and often had a wooden bed to allow for eating and resting in a semi-backlit position.

The Romans used the sofas as well, but in the home of well-made-do the Romans, there were also cubicula or bedroom. Within a cubicle would be a section defined by curtains, for the bed. The bed itself was a slim sofa with a spring stuffed linen bag for a mattress. A box-shaped frame with a service in each corner is a four-poster bed. The services that can support the frame at the top, a so-called tester. This can be used to drape fabrics and allow the bed to be attached. It is more common, however, only the upper part, and this type of bed is called a four-poster bed.

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