Antique Brass Knobs – Touch Of Style

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Easy to install and versatile, antique brass knobs can add touch of style into doors and cabinets. Elegant is also a nice value to make refreshed quality. Serving different purposes are what brass knobs can do. You can find ones with functionality more such as ones with latches and locks.

Sizes are available in standard diameters like 2 ¼ or 2 ½. In some cases, you can find ones with a matching backplate. Among many finishes, antique brass is one-of-a-kind to opt from.

What make the antique brass knobs special? Victorian designs are indeed classy. However, modern closets and other furnishings can have the hardware due to the versatility. This means whatever your home decor is, antique brass hardware including knobs, pulls, handles and hinges are great.

Antique brass knobs in original finish and look are regularly dusted. In order to keep the knobs clean as always, just apply warm soapy water. Cleaning materials that abrasive are wise to avoid. You do not want the knobs to be damaged the beauty.

Manufacturers of antique brass hardware are offering the quality of the knobs. You will want ones with a warranty mechanically. Varying models have varied prices. Lowes is a great site where to purchase the antique brass hardware knobs.

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