Antique Clawfoot Tub In Your Bathroom

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Timeless and classy, the atmosphere is enjoyable in your bathroom with an antique clawfoot tub. As a very interesting piece, the clawfoot tub needs a routine cleaning and maintenance too. You do not want to see stain and scratch to destroy the beautiful appearance of it. It will happen without any proper care on your tub.

Antique clawfoot tub is mostly constructed on solid cast iron with porcelain coating. Soap scum is the most common stain that builds up on the tub. This is surely a mess that sores your eyes. A cup of bleach mixed into water to fill the tub should be applied at least once a month. Just let it in the state for around thirty minutes.

To get rid of scratch, a liquid soap is applicable or you can also try specific cleaner with non-abrasive thing. A soft cloth will help in the process of cleaning.

If you find that the stains and scratches hard to clean, then you may need to apply a muriatic acid. However, special care is required for the safe way in treating your antique clawfoot tub.

Modern and contemporary homes still apply the trend of antique style of claw foot tub in the bathroom. However, acrylic also comes as material in replicating the old or vintage or antique claw foot tubs. Lighter in weight and more affordable in price, these are two of greatest benefits of all. Yes, you can bring in the 1920 classic with contemporary touch into your bathroom.

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