Antiquing Kitchen Cabinets By Distressing Techniques

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To give your kitchen a uniquely attractive new look, distressing cabinets is an idea. Antiquing kitchen cabinets has been applied by many home owners and home decorators. It is not to bring back its beauty or to feature smoothness and sleekness. Very old look and worn is the purpose that features random yet uniquely and creatively beautiful rustic.

Although imperfect and aged, this is actually where the art features. All you need are sandpaper =, paint stripper, sledge hammer and varnish. Can you do the antiquing or distressing by yourself? Yes, you can just even though you are a beginner in this. Just get the items at local home improvement store.

Sand, dent, scrape and gauge! You can apply these techniques onto tops and faces of your kitchen cabinets. Antiquing kitchen cabinets will not take much time at all. They are meant to bring out the natural beauty of wood grain to appear and become wonderful features of textures.

Antiquing kitchen cabinets has been around especially in rustic homes. However, the technique is also popular including in contemporary homes. Uniquely attractive, distressed look gives unusual and exclusive of kitchen redecorating ideas.

Very simple ways to create distressing cabinets is through chalk paint. It is simpler and faster as well as less expensive.

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