Beautiful Nursery Storage Ideas


Nursery storage ideas – If your baby’s room is furnished with built-in bookshelves, wall shelves or shelves full of floating adjustable shelves, how decorating is up to you. Consider theme and color scheme of your nursery to show lovely shelving items and storage needs for items related to baby housing. Create a backdrop for the decoration of the nursery shelf by painting the inside back wall of a closed shelf a contrasting color of its sides and front.

Look at the color scheme of your nursery storage ideas to select a complementary color. For example, in a blue, brown and orange nursery palette, paint the back walls of your bookshelf a bright orange color to offer a kick to a white shelf unit. Add desktop backgrounds instead of paint for more visual interest, such as wallpaper dotted with whimsical monkeys to enhance a nursery themed jungle.

Create one of a kind wall shelves for your nursery storage ideas room by covering floating shelves with a favorite fabric showing theme or color from your nursery pallet. Fabric that is dotted with pink crown motifs is ideal for a princess theme or choose a sailboat print to enhance a nursery with an attractive seaside feel. You can also add decorative wood details to the front edges of a shelf to fix a simple piece of furniture.

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