Bookcase Headboard Full Ideas

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White Bookcase Headboard Full Bed

If you have a bookcase headboard full that you do not utilize its potential, use it as a backdrop for a minimalist or stylish bedroom with clean lines and stylish décor. You can use any bookshelf, and make sure to paint it in a complementary color to match your bedroom interior before the kid it behind your bed.


Spread a cloth over a firm, outdoor space. Place the bookcase on the cloth. Sand down uneven edges on the bookcase if necessary. Wipe the bookcase with a please cloth, which removes sawdust. Pend open the color can peak with a screwdriver. Mix the color with a color stick. Dip brush in the color and cover the bookcase in the color. Pour the color into the paint bag and dip the roller in the color. Roll the roller on the back of the bookcase to cover large areas.

Allow the paint to dry. Move the bookcase inside your bedroom. Move the bed to the middle of the room. Place the bookcase against a flat wall. Make sure the bookcase is sturdy and is close to the wall. If the bookcase is long or not flush, attach it to the wall with a drill and screws. Small bookshelves work best for this project. Place weights or concrete blocks on the bottom shelf of the bookcase to add additional stability to the bookcase. Roll the bed frame close to the bookcase frame. Fill the bookcase shelves with lighter luggage and some books; make sure not to make the bookshelf top-weighted.

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