Building Bunk Bed With Slide

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Princess Castle Bunk Bed With Slide

All children love bunk bed with slide, and they are actually quite easy to do. Both upper and lower brats can be made with basic tools and ordinary pine for a cheap way to make your children fall asleep with smiles on their faces. This bunk bed is very solid and safe, and it will last a lifetime.


Sand all boards silk with power sander – 100 grit works well for this, and just make sure there are no sharp pieces of wood protruding when done. Cut four 2 by 6s down to 39 inches using your circular saw and carbide lace blade bunk bed . You may want to wear safety goggles for this step and make sure you wear clothes that fit tightly that it will not get caught. Cut 8 feet 2 of 6s down to 78 inches, making overlapping on joints. Use the same sheet.

Glue and screw 2 of 6s together, which should make a perfect size box for the mattress to fit in. Even though I enter a twin mattress with measurements or 39 inches by 75 inches, each mattress comes as you choose to work. You have to cut the slices to fit the mattress, and although this is variable with what you choose, we will use the measurements I have left. Place the box on the plywood and track the contours. Use a stylus for this step. Make sure you see the contours when the box is removed. Cut the plywood out to the size of the tracked box. Use the plywood blade here.

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