Building Bunk Beds With Desk

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Nice Bunk Bed With Desk

By combining bunk beds with desk below you can open the floor area in your child’s room. It also creates the psychological benefit of defining a workplace where your child is able to do homework. This can help your child’s focus during the study time. These instructions are a twin-size bed with cheap material, but adjust sizes and replace wood for larger or more attractive projects.


Drill two holes in each end of 75-inch beams, placed 2-3 / 4 inches from the end of the beam and 3/4 inches apart bunk beds. Use a drill with the same diameter as your bolts. Drill two holes at one end of 72-inch posts, placed at the center 12 inches and 12-3 / 4 inches from the end. Use a drill with the same diameter as your bolts. Gently slip all surfaces into your wood. It does not have to be polished smooth, but should be even enough to avoid splitting.

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Place the two 75-inch beams and the two 36-inch beams in a rectangle, resting on the narrow side. Set the rectangle so that the shorter beams are on the inside. Attach larger plywood board to the bunk beds with a wooden screw in each corner. Reinforce with a wooden screw centered along each side. Place two 72-inch posts side by side, about 3 feet apart. Set them so that the drilled holes are at the same ends, with the bore holes parallel to the floor.

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