Building Cool Loft Beds

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Cool Loft Beds Contemporary

Cool loft beds are a good furniture solution. It gives more storage space than the more traditional double loft bed without the need for extra support cases, like a queen or king-size loft should. It is ideal for older home-grown children or adults sharing a crowded living space. You can fill in a full-size cot in an afternoon.


Sand faces all your work. You do not need to get it polished even, but sand enough to eliminate the risk of chips. Place the four beams in a rectangle with 51-inch beams inside the 75-inch beams, all four beams lying on a 2-inch wide edge. Screw them together with two wooden screws cool loft beds in each joint. Place the plywood board on top of the frame. Nail stuck it with a nail in each corner and three evenly distributed nails along each edge. Set a post at the angle formed by two rays of your frame. Screw it into a plywood board with three wooden screws driven by plywood and at the end of the beam. Place the screws on the diagonal of the insert, evenly distributed.

Reinforce the insert by pushing two screws through the face of 51-inch width and in the side of the post. Further reinforce by pushing two screws through the face 75 “width and in the other side of the cool loft beds. Repeat steps four and five with remaining services setting one in all three open corners of the frame. Connect the inserts on a 75-inch side by attaching a 72-inch plank to them 40 inches above the floor. Connect with two wooden screws by mail. Attach the other 72-inch plank opposite the first; again connect with two wooden screws by mail.

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