Building Full Size Loft Bed

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Nice Full Size Loft Bed

Full size loft bed is orthodox furniture. On the other hand, you can build an area of ​​almost 35 square meters of floor space in your bedroom. The plans below for a simple loft setup using cheap wood, but can easily be changed or extended for finer bedroom furniture.

Installation and stabilization

Turn the frame upright so that it rests on your feet of full size loft bed. You will need help for this because the frame is not yet stable enough to withstand the lateral pressure supported on a set of legs. Attach the third 77-inch plank to the same long end you made the first set of planks. Place it so the bottom of the shelf rests on tops of planks you installed at the shorter ends. Screw it in as you did the other planks.

Attach the final long plank to the one you just installed, on the other long side of the full size loft bed frame. Fixed a 57-inch plank connecting posts of a short side, positioned so that the top of the plank rests against the bottom of longer planks on top. Screw it in place when you have the others. Attach a second axis, on the opposite, to the same set of services. Repeat step 4 for the second gable.

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