Building Queen Bunk Bed

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Twin Over Queen Bunk Bed

Queen bunk bed is a truly overtook furniture but can be a great complement to anywhere where sleeping conditions are crowded like a campus or vacation home. This bunk project will resemble those on smaller mattresses, except you have to pay special attention to support the center of the mattress. These plans are for a very basic design with cheap material, but you can easily convert them by adding extra features or switching to more expensive jobs.

Mattress frames

Drill four holes each of 80-inch beams using a drill in the same diameter as your bolts queen bunk bed. Place two holes in the center at each end of the beam, 2 3/4 inches and 3 1/2 inches from the end, respectively. Set two 80-inch beams (one with drilled holes and one without) and two 27-inch beams in a rectangle with longer beams on the outside.

Put together two rectangles to form a larger rectangle as big as a queen bunk bed. Connect them by driving screws through drilled holes in two beams touching each other in the middle. Place two plywood slices over the rectangle so that the edges are level with those of the rectangle. Screw them into place with a screw in each corner. Strengthen plywood with two evenly scattered screws along each edge. Turn the mattress frame over. Place one of the 80-inch strips so that it runs along the two central rays, covering both of them. This prevents hanging at the center of your frame. Repeat steps four to eight to build the other mattress frame.

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