Building Queen Platform Storage Bed

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Queen Beds With Drawers

You can build a very robust queen platform storage bed in material that lasts a lifetime. Here are the exact instructions for completing the project for about 4 to 6 hours, or faster if you are really good’


Cut to seven two-four in the following lengths: shape out of the platform storage bed by placing the two 60-inch and two 76-inch two in four in a rectangle standing on the narrow side.  Position three 56? -times two and four across the rail at 20, 40 and 60 inches from the end rail. The middle cross railway should be laid flat on the wide side; while the other two cross rails can stand up on the narrow side.

Mark two boreholes seats above each other On 76? -turn sidewalls, at the ends of upper and lower crossbar rails. Mark bore places side by side on the middle flat crossing railway. Put four to four pieces in the corners of the frame and drill two holes on two sides of each leg, through the frame and into the legs. Get a friend to help you transform the frame and leg over so you can attach the plywood top. Put the two 40 from 60-inch? Inch thick plywood on the frame to form the 60 with the 80-inch queen platform bed. Lower the borehole around the outer edge of the frame and center over the railroad at 13 to 15-inch distance. Each plywood panel has 14 screws around the perimeter. A headgear and foot gap can be screwed directly or screwed into the end rail.

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