Building Queen Storage Platform Bed

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Queen Storage Platform Bed Nice

Queen storage platform bed is one of the more inexpensive ways to add additional storage. Building storage use less wood and the shelves are as versatile as you can store anything from books to clothes, ornaments and much more. Once you have constructed the box for your shelves to rest, action for PEG hole to hold shelf support. Measurement is the key to making sure your shelves are as flat as possible. The shelf itself can be made from a flat wood piece such as chipboard or the like. Cut your bookcase down to size to rest on your pegs.

The cabinet itself can be constructed in the same way as the box for the shelf. You can also install prefabricated pull-out drawers for storage or design your own queen storage platform bed. Cabinet doors are also easy to do or you can also buy finished cabinet doors. Your cabinet door can be installed in several different ways. Most doors have been installed to open by turning left or right. But you can also buy hardware that allows you to open the door up or down.

It would also be possible to buy fully fitted cabinets and build your queen storage platform bed around them. You must use extra support when doing this to ensure that the cabinets do not collapse under the weight of the mattress or passenger. This line may be more expensive, but can also be a working solution if you have found a cabinet that is perfect for your needs.

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