Building Truck Bed Organizer

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Cargo Truck Bed Organizer

Truck bed organizer – Give a child or teenager a place to hide books, magazines or small toys near his bed by building a double-bed organizer. The organizer rests between the mattress and the box spring and extends from both sides of the bed. If you use the double bed organizer in a guest room, you can place a newspaper, toiletries travel and other welcome materials in it when you have guests over

Fold 2 feet of fabric on the right truck bed organizer. Right now you should have a piece of fabric that is about 22 inches wide and 72 inches long. Pin up along the long side open side and a short open page. Sew one short side and one long side together, giving a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Leave the other short side open. Turn the fabric so that the right side is facing outwards. Stop the rough edges open the end inside to hide them and pin them secure. Sew all four sides of fabric, 1/4 inch away from the edge.

Take the mattress off the truck bed organizer and drape the long fabric rectangle over the mattresses. Adjust it so that about 16 inches hang out each side of the bed. Select where the top of the box spring is on the fabric on each side using a missing ink pen. Cut half the yard of fabric into two 12-inch with 22-inch rectangles. Fold the long edge of each rectangle down 1/4 inch, then insert another inch, pin it in place and sew along the edge. Fold the short sides of each rectangle over 1/2 inches, place them in place and sew along the edge.

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