Building Under Bed Drawers

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Plastic Under Bed Drawers

Under bed drawers – With upward inflation, even simple things like bed frames are becoming insanely priced. Or maybe your child has gotten too big for their current bed. Instead of going out and buying an expensive one and seeing them grow out of it again, you can build your own.

Lay out the mattress as you like, packed and start measuring the length and width of it, write down the numbers as you go. Add two inches to each length and width. Take your timber and place it on a circular saw. Measure the length of the under bed drawers you just wrote down and cut it out. Repeat the same process with pieces of wood that are going to the top and bottom of the frame. Sandy edges worked until smooth.

Use your hammer and nail attaches a length of wood to any of shorter pieces of under bed drawers. Repeat with the other two then combine them into one device. Measure length and width again and write down the number. Put the plywood flat on the floor and using your number and the tape measure draw lines until your mat had just written down and take the plywood to the saw and trim it. Sand the edges on the plywood then lay flat on top of the base you just made and nail it. Paint the entire frame and wait to wipe the mattress in the box.

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