Change A Murphy Bed Couch Mattress

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Small Murphy Bed Couch

Murphy bed couch is a sofa or sofa that has a pull-out bed built inside. This can be useful if you have limited space for a guest bed. For daily use there is a sofa, but for guests, it becomes an overnight place to sleep. Eventually the mattress can be worn from falling, play, and usually wear. Another reason to replace the mattress is to replace it with a more comfortable.

Whatever the reason, Murphy bed couch are usually much more expensive than regular couches. If the sofa is still in good shape, you do not have to change the entire sofa bed, simply replace the mattress.


Remove sofa pillows to reveal bed frame and mattress. Fully fold the mattress and frame. Remove any sheets or gaps that may be on the mattress. Inspect the underside of the mattress, especially in the corners to locate any strips or clips that can hold the mattress to the frame structure. Tie or LOSSA these have mechanisms.

Pick up the end of the mattress furthest from the Murphy bed couch and lift upwards, fold the mattress toward the top of the mattress when lifting. Lift up the folded up mattress and place it out of the way. Place the new mattress on top of the frame. Make sure the mattress is turned in the right direction. If there are bands or clips, these should be on the bottom of the mattress. Double bubble to see the mattress is placed properly, because the mattress should not be crooked or hanging over the edges of the frame. Connect hold straps or buckles if the mattress has them.

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