Cheap Reclaimed Wood Storage Bed

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Pallet beds are always a great idea. They allow us to have custom beds, cheap and totally to our liking. We can do them ourselves, but if the volume of this project intimidates you a little, you can always get the pallets yourself and call a carpenter or handyman to build it for you. Labor is cheaper and the material has an infinitely lower price than conventional wood. As we know that most of us lack space at home, we wanted to select pallet beds that include our own reclaimed wood storage bed with boxes. Make the most of space!

All three have in common that they take advantage of the part that remains available between the floor and the beginning of the central table. As you will see in reclaimed wood storage bed, you can take advantage of different ways. Choose the one you like the most or the one that, due to the characteristics of your room, is more practical and allows you to access the interior more easily.

On the one hand we have the classic reclaimed wood storage bed with which to organize our things under the bed frame. We can make these boxes also with pallets or buy them decorated. But if your room does not give much margin to the sides, you can also build a large single drawer and extract it by the foot of the bed, as in the image that we show you below. Good idea, right?

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