Choosing Bike Storage Ideas

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Folding Bike Storage Ideas

Bike storage ideas – Doing your own bike rack will give you enough storage space for all cycling holidays. If you do not have enough space, you may need to leave important equipment at home, and usually they will be the things you will miss the most on the trip. The size of the rack will depend on the size of your bike, as most rack bars are attached to the rear of the bike. A rack allows you to store saddle bags, tents and even an extra liter of gas in a spare fuel tank, so it can be a big plus to have your own.


Measure the distance between the bicycle side saddle and the saddle. It will give you the length of the bone racket. Check out the preloaded holes on the bike storage ideas and use them as a starting point for measurement. Determine the width of the rack by measuring the distance between the left and right sides of the bicycle frame. Determine the length of the rack by measuring the distance between the back of the saddle and the lights. There is no fitting all bicycle racks as every motorcycle is a different size.

Weld metal rods for the top of the railing to form a grid. Drill two holes in the sides and top of two side panels of the grid. Check there ready holes on the bike storage ideas and drill holes at the top of the grille at the same positions. You will use the best holes to attach the net to the bicycle frame and side holes to attach rack legs to the net. Check the holes in the bicycle frame and drill holes in the rack legs in the same positions.

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