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Book Storage Ideas Frame

Book storage ideas – When you have enough books to make a library but not enough space, storage becomes quite challenging. You can realize that even after saving hundreds of books in your closet, you still have many more and apparently nowhere to put them. Fortunately, although you cannot see it at first glance, many places to save books fit into your decor and are still within reach of your guests.

A windowshade bookshelf: people with a little space for spare but lots of windows, considering book storage ideas along the window sill. Hide books with curtains, or Open curtains so your guests can pick up a good book if they wish. If you are worried about the way your window will look from the outside, store them only in the back rooms where no view of your house can see them.

Bedside pillow case book storage ideas: using an old pillow case, sew ‘bags’ or pockets on pillowcases and attach it next to your bed by tucking top underneath your mattress or even use a safety pin. You can even use iron-on letters to make the storage pillow case look a bit more interesting. Release the books in pillow cases for easy access to night reading. Also try this in rooms for children for easy access to goodnight stories.

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