Creative DVD Storage Ideas


DVD storage ideas – If you have a lot of DVD’s, you have undoubtedly spent a lot of time and money building your collection. An effective storage option should protect and organize your investment. When it comes to storage of DVDs. Some people want to hide the collection out of sight, others prefer their collection in the open easily accessible and others want compact storage that can travel easily.

A DVD folder serves as compact and portable DVD storage ideas. A DVD folder looks like a folder and can be made from leather, vinyl or durable fiber. The interior has plastic that fits DVDs. Simply remove your brochure and DVD from the case and slip them together into a section of the liner. The DVD box booklet serves as an easy way to identify the DVD. Small plastic boxes for storage of DVDs are convenient due to their size. Buy plastics CD liners and put the DVD in them and keep them in the box. If you have small children and you have a DVD player in the car, a small DVD case can be attached to the screen for easy access to the movies.

If you prefer your stored DVDs out of sight, consider putting them in DVD storage ideas drawer. You can buy cabinets with drawers designed specifically for this purpose, or consider reassigning a drawer or file cabinet. Insert plastic shoe boxes inside the drawers to help maintain and organize DVDs. Put the DVD cases of the spine up and arrange them by categories for easy retrieval.

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