Creative Home Storage Ideas


Home storage ideas – Things you use often can take up storage space. The website suggests keeping things that you need easily accessible and using space for things you just take out every now and then. For example, keeping everyday kitchen utensils and cutlery in decorative drawers or crocks on the kitchen counter release box space for less used kitchen items. The site also suggests moving items like colorful pots, bowls and dishes to the space above your kitchen cabinet (if not built up to the ceiling). Thus they double as kitchen decorations.

Add shelves

Using shelves for more than just books is a home storage ideas that also serves as an ornamentation technique. They recommend shelves behind a bed as a replacement for a bedside while suggests covering a whole wall of egg-drawer shelves for storing items while keeping them on display.

Renew the wardrobe

Closet space can easily be transformed from a bar and a few shelves to a large home storage ideas center. Adding additional closet shelves above existing shelves make room for rarely used things, and with a cubby system on lower shelves holding organized things. There are also suggests hanging a jewelry pendant on the back of the wardrobe door to keep necklaces and other items out of the way. Home office is generally one of the messiest rooms at home. Using an armoire like a go-to home office keeps paper, pens and even your laptop in one place. They recommend building a desk and shelves in the armoire and cross and across the inside of the doors to create French-style memo boards.

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