Decorate with Ikea Headboard


Ikea headboard – Metal bed frames can often be adjusted to fit mattress sizes from twin to king. Due to the versatility of metal bed frames, you can make adjustments to fit a bedside of varying sizes while taking into account a similar size mattress. Since most bedside tables will be several inches wider than their mattress counterparts, watch parts match properly to hold mattresses and foundation pieces from the floor.


Install the bed frame ikea headboard according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can do this with a few simple screws attaching wheels or feet to the bottom of the bed frame, as most metal beds are preassembled. If the bed frame is not pre-assembled, simply screw the bolts into place according to the instructions. Mounting takes only a few minutes.

Align the frame with the ikea headboard. There are two wing-shaped pieces on the top of the frame, which aim to attach to the bedside with nut and bolt mounting (supplied with the frame or bedspread hardware). The metal frame has two interconnected bars. Pushing these bars together makes the frame narrow and dragged them making the frame wider. The bars slide easily in either direction. Adjust the frame until it is aligned with the provided holes for the gable you are using.

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