Decorative Continental Curtain Rod


Continental curtain rod – There are many different options you can consider to choose when it comes choosing the right curtain for your home. When customers are trying to find a rod to hang their curtains, lots of the time they begin their search by looking for general “curtain rods”. The continental rod might work best for you. However, this generic phrase incorporates a wide range of products from ornate decorative drapery types to the basic white one’s we’re all familiar with. It depends on your need and requirement.

Continental curtain rod will be a very good choice you can consdier. As a result this makes choosing the correct one tough for buyers who don’t fully understand this. To find the correct type of curtain rod that you’ll need for your project, it’s essential to consider your drapery style and desired function first. You’ll find it’s a lot easier to narrow down your possibilities after you figure out these variables.

What is actually the continental curtain rod? It is a curtain rods that have a large flat face so it is known as continental. Oftentimes they’re called continental valance rods. These types are designed with wide and flat faces for you to install your valance with a rod pocket that’s at the least two and one-half inches. Continental styles are available in several pre-configured designs such as combo or shower. Before you pick out your continental curtain rod, you need to first find out the rod pocket size of your valance.

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