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Wall Mounted Diy Bathroom Storage Ideas

Diy bathroom storage ideas – For diy bathroom storage ideas, take advantage of built-in storage. Making pieces that are already in use in the bathroom draws double duty by giving not only work but also storage. Instead of a pedestal sink, buy a vanity that fits into the same room. You can find models with shelves, drawers, cabinets and open exhibition space. Instead of a mirror over the sink, offered a mirrored cabinet. This adds storage without sacrificing any floor space. When shopping, be sure to look not only on the outside style but also on the interior design of freezers.

Make use of shelves diy bathroom storage ideas. Shelves can double or even triple available storage space. There are wall mounted units, shelves racks to stand over the toilet, hanging shelves on hooks that can be suspended from the toilet basin or from the shower curtain rod, and corner racks that allow you to utilize the corner room. You can also find freestanding shelf racks. Make sure to buy your shelves made of materials that will not warp in the damp bathroom environment.

Try diy bathroom storage ideas furniture. This technique will not work in smaller bathrooms, but in larger bathrooms with extra space, put in a wardrobe, closet or wardrobe. This solution works well if your vanity is missing storage or if you need a towels closet for clean towels, washcloths, linens and blankets. You can also store large items such as rolls of paper towels, large packages of extra toilet paper, blow dryers and the like.

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