DIY Refinish Dining Room Table Steps

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Refinish dining room table – In order to gain a fresh look, worn or dated dining room table can be refinished. There are materials and tools to get ready for the project. You will have to prepare stain, polyurethane, rags, stain brushes, tack cloth, 100-, 150- and 220-grit sandpaper, router, and orbital or belt sander. Let us begin with the steps!

You will have to sand the table entirely so that to remove any stain attach. Belt sander is applicable but you have got to be careful so that not to gauge the surface. Then varnishing using 100 grit sandpaper for the smooth out of grain is the next.

A tack cloth is usable for removing all sanding dust. You have got to do this carefully. Then use a brush in the application of stain to follow the natural grain of wooden table. It is better to do it liberally.

2 stain coats are the next to follow. The coating determines both richness and depth of the color. This is a basic knowledge in how to refinish dining room table. In order to maintain the smooth surface of the dining room table, sanding between coats is nice.

The last is to apply polyurethane to refinish dining room table. You should follow the instruction by manufacturer. Four coatings are nice especially if you use the table a lot.

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