Do It Yourself Princess Beds


Princess beds is more than just a bed, it’s a fairytale transformed into a complete sleep and playground. These beds are almost a room for themselves, which combines a bed and playhouse with hurts and bookshelves. If a princess bunk is too expensive to buy, you can always try to build one. They are big, but not as difficult as they look

Basic design

A princess beds is simply a bed with panels that emulate a castle. It can have either one or two beds. If it has a single bed, the bed can be on top (a cot) with a playhouse underneath, or in the bed can be at the bottom, with a playhouse on top. The bedroom ceiling will set a limit for the castle’s height, of course. You start with the basic frame of a bunk bed. -Four solid corner posts (at least 4 x 4 layers), with side and cross beams (at least 2 x 6) – and encompass the entire unit with “castle walls”, typically made of 1/2 inch plywood.

Twin-size mattresses are a common choice for princess beds, and most will be platform beds, because box springs pick up extra space that could be used for space. Because the bed also serves as a playhouse, you will probably want to create a floor with 2 x 4 rails underneath the platform for extra strength.  Use stairs (straight or spiral stairs) instead of ladders to get into bunk beds, and slides add a playful way to finish. Princess beds are often safer than comparable bunk beds, because the walls of the castle serve as guardrails to keep the princess rolling (or falling) from the bed.

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