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Stylish Dorm Room Storage Ideas

Dorm room storage ideas – Choosing dorm furniture with an abundance of storage is an ideal way to make the most of your dorm room. Instead of creating a desktop that just looks like a table, choose a desktop that uses the space below with drawers. You can use these drawers for school supplies, or you can put your jerseys in them during the hot season.

The space under your bed is also ideal for dorm room storage ideas. You can buy cheap plastic milk boxes or plastic buckets with lid that are sized to fit any place to hold your items, and then push them under the bed when not in use. A good way to hide your storage space is by adding a bed skirt to the bed.

No college dorm room has ever offered enough storage space for busy students. Make the most of a small space by adding storage in creative places throughout the room. Raise the bed using products designed for the purpose or use cement blocks for a cheap solution and create a large storage space just below. Place large boxes, crates or plastic containers under the bed to hold the various points and provide dorm room storage ideas. Attach plastic or metal hooks to the back of the closet doors to add additional space in this area.

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