Drapes Vs Curtains, Which One’s Better?

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Drapes vs curtains – You might feel very confuse when choosing the best window treatment or window covering. You can consider to choose either drapes or curtains for your bedroom or living room. You should carefully consider to choose the best window treatment that fits to your need, and also room style. When choosing best window treatment for your home, it also depends on type of window or door that you have. Here are some other ideas to know.

Which one is better between drapes and curtains? Drapes vs curtains are the considerations many people often think about. You need to know that curtains and curtain panels are the same thing. Curtains are usually lightweight and also unlined and suspended from a rod by the simple tabs, rings or rod-pocket casing. This is a good choice for decoration, and also provide any casual look for your room. It is perfect for any window style.

You have known little bit about curtain. It is still about drapes vs curtains. How about the drapes? Draperies or drapery, and sometime people call drapes are typically lined and floor length. They are often attach by hooks to a traverse rod. This type of window covering is a perfect option for your window or sliding glass door. It will be able to minimize wall space around it.What is the difference between drapes and curtains,

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