Earring Jewelry Storage Ideas


Jewelry storage ideas – The first idea is jewelry box. A jewelry box is perhaps the most classic form of jewelry storage. Many jewelry boxes include drawers or split sections for easy earring storage. If your jewelry box is split up in such a way that it requires you to store more than a pair of earrings in a single drawer or section, it is wise to place earrings pairs in their own individual plastic bags.

Miniature plastic bags are perfect size for a single pair of earrings. It does can be purchased at most craft shops and is relatively cheap. Saving earrings pairs in some bags before putting them into spaces in your box jewelry storage ideas will make it easier to keep together. Also will make it easier for you to locate a particular pair whenever you want.

A roll jewelry storage ideas is a great way to save jewelry. Especially if you travel and like to take your jewelry with you. A jewelry roll is basically a rectangular (or another figure) piece of canvas with small pockets sewn on the front of it. You can store all kinds of jewelry in your pockets. Jewelry rolls are easily rolled (hence their name) and tied closed. So that they can be stored almost everywhere and are very easy to pack when you travel.

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