Frame Structure Lift Up Storage Bed

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Wooden Lift Up Storage Bed

Lift Up Storage Bed – Bed lifts create more space under the bed by lifting the frame or legs off the floor. People with certain health problems also benefit from having the top or head of the bed higher than the feet. A raised bed in this way can relieve heartburn, acid reflux and sleeping conditions. A couple of people can raise the head of the bed with the standard 3-inch installation for the 4-inch bed risers.

Remove the bedding, mattress and box spring from the bed structure. Lift up storage bed on one end of the head of the bed. Have someone else raise the other end of the head of the bed. Set one of the bed bands under the leg support at the head of the bed. Align the bottom of the support leg in the center of the riser tube. Stack a second riser tube on top of the first ones in raising the bed even higher.

When a post-bed steel is used as an elevator, remove the casting machine or slide and insert the riser tube into the end of the leg of the frame bed. Insert the casting machine or slide on the bottom of the steel vertical tube. Repeat step 3 for the other end of the head of the bed. Choose lift up storage bed that support the weight and style of the bed.

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