Full Size Loft Bed Frame Ideas

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Full Size Loft Bed Frame Interest

Full size loft bed frame is a project that you can finish in a single afternoon, provided you have the tools and work at hand. Even with a trip to your local home improvement center, you can get a new bed in one day. These plans are for a simple platform frame, but you can add bed tiles, footsteps and other ornaments that you think fit.


Place the beams in a rectangle with the short beams inside the long beams full size loft bed frame. Place plywood on top of the frame. Screw it in place with a screw in each corner and a screw in the center of each side. Set a service in a corner of the frame, at an angle formed by two beams. Screw it into a plywood disc with two screws as diagonally. Screw through the plywood into the end of the post. Repeat step three to complete the other three corners.

Tips and warnings

If you want to paint your full size loft bed frame, sand and paint it before mounting the bed. Once you have built the bed, put a remedy over the head on each screw and over each scratch or chip that occurred during the construction time.

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