Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas

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Diy Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas

Garage ceiling storage ideas – The garage always seems not to mess up faster than you like? Has your parked car gradually been phased out of the garage? As you organize your garage, do not forget to take advantage of the ceiling. It can be the big place for lots of items you rarely use or not at all. Hangs your kayak or canoe; Garage loft is a perfect place to hang your kayak or canoe. There are many different types of kayak / canoe hoists and hooks.

You want to choose one that has at least two straps wrapped around the widest part of kayak / canoe. This will prevent any twisting. Shop sports shop; hide away your off-season sporting gear using a series of hooks or ropes. Bicycles can also be adjusted using heavy hooks and ropes. Ladders can also be suspended by the ceiling beams and brackets. This garage ceiling storage ideas is a great way to clean your garage and give your cars some more space.

Put away boxes for the garage ceiling storage ideas; if your garage has enough space in the attic and your budget allows you can consider getting pre-made overhead shelves that can save boxed items. There is usually weight limits associated with different types of overhead shelves. Consider the type of weight and size of items you want to save before shopping for overhead shelves.

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