Garage Tool Storage Ideas For Bicycles And Toys

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Garage Tool Storage Ideas Open Wall Selving

The garage tool storage ideas are the area of your home that you most likely need an organizer. Even if you park your car inside every night, you’re still likely to have dozens of small items without a home, such as tools and gardening equipment. You also have to find places to store bicycles and toys for children. With all the different types of storage and organization tools on the market, it is easy to find garage tool storage ideas for bicycles and toys.


Boards hang on a wall with pegboard hooks to show frequently used items. Organize the items with the heaviest toys at the bottom and the lightest ones at the top. Trace around the edges of each piece with a black marker, allowing you to see exactly what came out of the hook. Board shelves work for bicycles and bicycle accessories. Keep a supply of hooks to quickly hang new toys by hand.

Overload Storage

Use the overhead storage to get those elements from the ground and make extra space around your garage tool storage ideas. Storage on the ceiling hangs from the ceiling. Keep the hanging racks low enough so that you can still reach your toys or bicycles, but high enough that you do not bang your head or run your car on the racks. Use smaller racks to hide old toys that your children no longer play with, but still want to keep.

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