Grey Futon Covers

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Grey Futon Sofa Bed

Grey futon – Protect futon mattresses by making a futon cover of two sheets at a comfortable print. The sheets wear well, are available in many colors and fun prints and create a low cost cover to jazz up a dirt or dirty futon mattress. Choose 100 sheets of percent cotton for best results when making futon cover. Cotton knitwear and the side cloth will not work well for this project. A futon cover made of cotton sheets is easy to wash so the futon always looks clean.


Take the sewing of all the sheep and roll the fabric. Wash the leaves in hot water and wipe the machine to draw shrinkage contained in the grey futon. Lay the sheets on a flat surface. Measure the length, height and width of the futon mattress. Add height and width measurements together and add 2 inches for cutting width to the sheet. Select this measurement on both sheets with a pen and cut along the line.

Add height and length measurements together and add 4 inches to make a shutdown. Select this measurement on both sheets with a pen and cut along the line. You now have two cut pieces slightly bigger than the measurements of grey futon. Fold over 1/4 inch in the fabric on the wrong side about one of the width sides of the first sheet. Press a hot iron to hold. Fold another 1 inch to make a sleeve and press to hold. Sew close to the bottom edge of 1-inch times to keep the cap in place. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the second sheet of bit.

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