How to Anchor Princess Loft Bed in the Wall


Princess loft bed is built to be safe and robust. However, with age or component missing, they can get unstable. In most cases, a wacky cot is safe, but most parents would prefer the safe side of caution. Mounting the bed in a wall rule is the easiest and fastest way to stabilize a cot. This project should not take more than 10 minutes when you collect your supplies

Slide a control detector over the wall and find a stud near a bed post on each of the two walls in the corner where the cot is set. Put your L stag or C brace into position on a princess loft bed post and corresponding stud. Mark wood and wall through the screw holes with the tip of a wooden screw.

Drill holes in the wall and the princess loft bed post, using a drill 1/8 inch narrower than the diameter of the screws. Run in a plaster wall anchor with a hammer to provide a firm attachment for the screws if any of the straight holes miss a stud. Screw the lever to position using a drill. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for other stag and stud.

Tips and warnings

If possible, see at least one screw for each stag driven into a wall rule.

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