How To Build an Extra Long Twin Bed


Extra long twin bed is one of the easiest beds to build at home. especially if you want to make a non-standard bed, such as an extra long single bed. A no-vest platform bed can easily put together in an afternoon; and because of the simplicity of the design, even beginner woodworkers can finish the project easily.


Sand three 80-inches long, 2-for-10 planks. These are the support planks that will go under the platform for your extra long twin bed. Sand a 44-for-84 inch sheet of 3/4 inch plywood; This will be a platform for the bed. Apply wood finish to support planks and platform. Application of finish, before constructing platform bed, is much easier than doing after the bed is assembled.

Stand up the three support planks on a 2-inch edge and 15 inches apart with their 80-inch sides parallel to each other. Center the platform above the top of the three planks. There should be a 4-inch overlap on all sides. Secure the extra long twin bed to the three support planks with 1-inch wooden screw drive every 5 to 6 inches through the platform and into the top of all three support planks.

Tips and warnings

You can replace the MDF for plywood as a platform of the bed. Use 2-of-12 timber for support planks if you want a slightly higher bed.

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