How to Convert a Platform Bed Twin


Platform bed twin – Some people have beds that are just a bit too high to get in and out comfortably. Most of them use a mattress and mattresses. It’s an easy thing to convert a regular bed to a platform bed, which will significantly lower the bed. There are a few methods that can be used to make this conversion, using minor changes to techniques depending on the size of the bed that you want to convert. These work very well if your regular bed has a skinny metal side

Remove the mattress and field spring. You will see some lists platform bed twin, probably four or five, that supported the spring box. If these ribs close to the rails, you can use one of them as a stickling guide, otherwise you have to measure the distance between the rails to determine the appropriate length for your new lists.

Cut 1x4s to the slat length you chose to use. You need about 21 or 22 of these; the exact amount will vary depending on your individual platform bed. Lay these new lists on the side rails as close to each other as possible. . You can end a space that is less than the width of a mirror; this is acceptable Place the mattress on the slats. The majority of the mattress will keep the rods in place. Your platform bed twin is ready for use.

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