How To Convert Bunk Bed Bedding

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Toddler Bunk Bed Bedding

In rooms with limited space bunk bed bedding is an excellent choice for making the most of an area. By lifting the bed, there is room underneath a desk area or a bureau for extra organization. A single bed can be converted into a cot very easily with the right material.


Remove two mattresses from the twin bed. Place the mattress aside. Install the ceiling bed frame as instructed. Ceilings frames can be purchased online from many furniture wholesalers. Futon stores also have varieties of ceilings style. According to Home Improvement and Financing, a cot should be portable so you can transport pieces through troublesome spaces and you should be able to merge the pieces of minutes. Place twin mattresses to the assembled bed frame.

Add bed bedding to the mattress. Sheets made especially for bunk beds and loft style beds can be purchased from the department and specialty beds stores to ease the bed decision making. Look for “bunk beds” and “bunk beds” bedding sets. Position desk or chest of drawers under the bed to complete set up. Some ceilings are designed to hold an alternative futon couch underneath. Depending on your needs, there are many choices when utilizing space-saving possibilities by choosing ceilings style.

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