How To Cover Furniture With Shabby Chic Sheets

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Shabby Chic Sheets Romantic

Shabby chic sheets – Slipcovering stuffed furniture with the sheet is an easy way to hide ugly and worn out clothing, protect a fragile fabric, brighten a room, or brighter interior design of a room. Because temporary covers or drapes made of cloth are less formal than solid proper protection, they can free a room of their dressed atmosphere and create a style sometimes called “shabby chic”.

Hang shabby chic sheets over the center of the sofa or the armchair back. Pull one end over the seat cushion, and down almost to the floor. Keep the blade straight on the furniture, leveling it over the bench so you move on. Tuck several inches in length behind the pillows. This makes the end of the magazine secure to cover the front of the furniture completely. Use a gauge or a still wood rope to anchor the blade after stopping it properly in the old dress. Hang the width of the sheet over your arms.

If the tent cloth is not wide enough to cover both arms, split a second blade lengthwise and drape it halfway over the arms. Arrange each half so that the hem side is facing the front of the arm. Turn the unharmed side under an inch, and insert the folded edge of the old dress. Use shabby chic sheets to secure it to the back or under a fold. Tuck a generous replacement of fabric next to a seat pad, as in Step 2, and anchor it with a ruler or a dime.

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