How To Fix A Sparkling White Bed Frame

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Wooden White Bed Frame

White bed frame are the nightmare of sleepers: the sometimes constant noise as you move your body weight can result in an uneasy night. However, the problem can easily be determined through some investigative work and some simple tools. Often this can save increased costs of buying a new bed frame just to get rid of noise.

Try to determine the cause of noise. If the white bed frame has a metal frame, check all the bolts and make sure they are tight. If there is a bed in wood, make sure the nails have not started working out of the woods. Ask yourself: Are noise occurring constantly, or it seems to be related to a certain time of year or weather? If it is the former, the cause was likely to be mentioned in the previous step. If it is later, silent sound can be a bit more difficult. Look where the sound comes from and start your work here, pulling bolts and or nails again. Using some WD-40 or similar lubricants can also help calm the bed frame down.

If the application of lubricants and fixing bolts does not work, remove each bolt and place a plastic tray. Wrap the bolts in the strap is also another option. If the above steps do not work, see other possible causes involving mattress or box spring and replace them as needed. When a bed frame starts to rub and needs to be repaired, there is a possible sign that the frame is in need of replacement. Check the white bed frame regularly to prevent noise repetition, and if the steps above fail, consider getting a new one.

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