How To Fix A Storage Platform Bed

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Storage Platform Bed Plans

Storage platform bed is susceptible to the same gneiss and noise like any other bed. Even in the absence of a box spring, both the mattress and the platform itself can still sparkle and make noise. Before you tell yourself to buy a new bed, take a few steps to investigate the underlying cause and see if you can avoid the rubbing yourself. A beaky bed that makes noise with every move will surely interrupt your sleep and leave you cranky and worn in the morning. Learn to fix a spiky platform bed and give yourself a little deserved rest.

Find out exactly where knars come from storage platform bed. Press the mattress with hands, using still but firm pressure. Continue to press all areas until you isolate a specific location. Feel around with your hands on the surface of the mattress in the area where you heard rubbing. Search for any problems with rinsing the inside of the mattress. Search for a coil that feels rolled, bent, crooked or stuck in its place.

Turn over the mattress and look at the same place on the underside of the mattress. Make a mental note of where on the storage platform bed rubbish comes from before removing the mattress. Set the mattress aside. Inspect the surface and the bottom of the platform bed frame in the area where you notice rubbing on the mattress. Make sure no loose bolts or screws in any area of ​​the bed frame and leg platform.


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