How To Get A Twin Storage Beds

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Twin Storage Beds Oak

Twin storage beds – Whether in a dormitory or at home, there seems to be never enough storage space? For this reason we often see our beds to get an extra few meters here and there. There are many ways to raise a double bed (stack up, block ash or make tribes at home), but here we investigate a safe and easy way to make sure your totes, drawers and other storage containers have a place to go

Measure the current height of the twin storage beds by placing at the end of the tape measure on the floor and reading the number at the bottom of the mattress. Determine how high you want your bed to be. This will determine what kind of riser you need.

Order your waypoint twin storage beds. Some may be available for purchase on campus. General logs will give you a few inches. The Rack Raiser brand gives you up to 25 inches. See the Resource section for more information on these two options. Install waypoints. For plastic ones, place one under one of the legs and continue with the other three legs. The Rack Waypoints require you to turn your bed on the side and tighten a few nuts by hand.

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