How To Go Rustic Platform Bed

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Rustic Platform Bed Drawer

Rustic platform bed – Sometimes a double bed is simply not big enough and buys a new mattress and mattresses are not in the budget. A bed can suddenly become too small because small ones appear in the parents’ room in the middle of the night or the honeymoon decreases, and both spouses need their own space for a good night’s sleep. If you are lucky enough to have two beds, you can solve your dilemma with very little effort and only a fraction of the money it would cost to buy a king size bed


Remove both mattresses and field springs from their metal frame frames, and place frames side by side where you want the rustic platform bed to be. Lean the mattresses and drawer springs against a wall when working. Cut packing wire into three 1-foot lengths. Attach metal bodies together in three places along the sides where the frames meet. Sometimes the sides of frames have holes in those that are good for pulling the cable through.

Place the box springs on the metal frames the bed how they belong (vertically). Place mattresses on top of the box springs (horizontally) so that they run side to side. Place the foamed egg-box mattress over mattresses, and bed as usual. Place a mounted rustic platform bed mattress over an egg board tops and a king size sheet set over it.

Tips and warnings

You may need to tighten the cables regularly. Also, keep in mind that your room will look much smaller with a larger bed. As you prepare for the change, make sure you place kitchen cabinets and other furniture on this.

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