How To Make An L Shaped Loft Bed

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White L Shaped Loft Bed

L shaped loft bed arrangement combines extra floor space on a loft with the flexibility of more traditional beds. The best way to put one together is to actually build two beds: a loft and a regular bed. So that you can arrange beds in relation to each other as the circumstances require. These plans are for beds, but you can change them to accommodate larger mattresses by cutting wood to different sizes


Screw the rectangle together with two wooden screws in each corner. Set one of the plywood sheets on top of the l shaped loft bed frame and attach it with a screw in each corner. Insert two evenly spaced screws along each long side and one screw in the center of the short side. Place a 66-inch insert end in a corner of the frame embedded at the angle formed by the beams. Screw it in place; drill through the plywood and at the end of the insert. Use four screws in one square.

Set the l shaped loft bed frame upright, standing on four legs that you have built. Be careful when you swing because the legs do not yet have enough lateral force to handle lateral pressure. Use one of the 66-inch planks to connect two planks along the long side of the bed closest to the wall. Place them about 3 meters from the floor. Screw the plank into place with three screws located diagonally at each point in the connector. Attach the other 66-inch plank opposite the first to screw the place in the same way. Reinforce each other short end with two 33-inch planks per side. Use three screws per connection point, just as you did with longer planks.

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