How To Make Elevated Bed Frame

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With many people struggling to find extra money, spending several hundred dollars on a new elevated bed frame may not be practical. But not having proper support for your bed can lead to all sorts of pain and pain that you rather live without. With the right parts and equipment, you can build your own bed frame for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.


Use your 2-for-10s to construct the base. Determine the size of your mattress and add about 1 inch for height and width. You need about six, four to create the outer square and two to form support on the inside. All pieces should be on the same page. Connect the tool using 2½-inch tire screws. For increased safety and convenience, use your drill to create the pilots. In addition, you may want to use your 2-for-10s scrap to create additional blocking in the bed frame, preventing any twisting. Offset them and make sure they are located. Use 3/8-inch plywood to create a smooth surface for your mattress to lie on.

Depending on the size of your bed, you may need to use two pieces of plywood. Makes it easier to use by rounding the corners and cutting out the hand hole. Create your bed sheet and footer by using your electric saw to create the shape you want. This will add a nice look to your bed frame. You can use a band saw to help shape it or just wing it on your own. Square tapes will help keep together. Cut a score in the frame to create a home for the main body and footer.

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