How To Make Raisers Corner Bed Frame

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Corner Bed Frame Simple

Corner bed frame – Creates some space in your room by raising your bed frame from the ground. Either lifts the bed an extra 4 inches from the floor making you quite little room for storing rarely used things. This makes bedside Raisers a great help for the dorm living, studio apartments and other cramped situations’


Determine how much higher you want your corner bed frame from the floor. Bedding Raisers usually drive 4 inches and above. Look at your legs on your bed frame. Simple and double frames are usually supported on four legs, but the queen and king frames tend to have an extra leg in the middle. You need a bed raiser for each leg. Find four identical planes, stable blocks or other plays. Make sure the bottom is about the same as the height of the height is longer or even wider.

Wooden blocks are good tribes, which are concrete bricks. Color canvas with the cover tightly will also support your bed frame. Lima felt the bottom with each bed raiser to keep it from scratching the floor. Decorate the pages with color, if desired. Place an upright under each leg in your corner bed frame. Be sure to put the legs in the middle of the raisers to make sure the bed stays in place.

Tips and warnings

If you use concrete blocks, look out when you get in and out of bed. Stubbing the toe of concrete is not fun. Bed Raisers are not quite stable. Your bed can slide off Raisers, potentially damaging your floor or your bed frame and spoil you from the bed. Consider a loft as an alternative.

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