How To Mount Metal Bed Frame Twin

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Metal Bed Frame Twin With Trundle

Metal bed frame twin are also twin size and full size. The only difference is that the metal frame is equipped with special extensions that make the double / full bed frame into a queen bed frame. They are relatively easy to mount, but if you are not careful, you can bruise your fingers and get a cuts or scratch.

Mounting a frame of metal bed frame twin is better left to an adult with the right tool. Fit the gable braces to the shoulder rivets at the end of the rails. Secure the gable brackets with the bolt through each of the two holes between the bracket and rivets. Screw a washer and nut on each bolt. Attach nut and bolt with a wrench. Gavel brackets can be installed facing left or right, depending on the size of the gable.

Slide an end guard at the end of each gate. The gauze will protect the metal bed frame twin from pulling your sheets or cutting yourself if you do not mind it. Turn the two cross arms on each side of the railroad to a 90 degree angle. Place two side sills on the ground parallel to each other. Connect the crossbar by putting the two pegs on both cross arms in the two holes at the end of the cross arms of the opposite side of the railroad. When the pins are in the hole, pull the side rails in the opposite direction to lock the pins in the holes.



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