How to Remove Yellow Shabby Chic Bedding Sets


Shabby chic bedding sets that have been stored for long periods of time may be yellowed. If yellowing is due to sun damage, nothing can be done, if yellowing is due to lack of use, you can probably remove the yellow from the old sheet. Before taking a bed cloth for a dry cleaner or using commercial cleaners to remove stains, try an old method to remove yellowing of fabric with a product that you probably already have in your home

Connect your sink, and pour 3/4 cup vinegar and one liter of warm water in the sink. If you have a lot of shabby chic bedding sets to clean, adjust the volume in vinegar and water accordingly. Place the yellowed sheets in the sink and let them soak overnight. Wash the clothes in the washing machine with your usual laundry detergent. Set both washings and rinses to cold water. Check the bedding after washing to see the stain is gone before drying the bedclothes. You may need to repeat the entire process more than once to completely remove the stains.

Tips and warnings

If you have space and allow the weather, hang the shabby chic bedding sets outside to dry. It is easier to see stains on a dry shirt, and with a commercial dryer can put in the stain. Use gloves to protect your hands while working with detergents.


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