Information about Bunk Beds Ikea


Bunk beds ikea has two or three beds stacked on top of each other. These types of beds are most suitable for children or adults sharing a bedroom with limited space. But before you buy a bunk bed for your home, there are a few things to consider.


Bunk beds come in sets of either two or three. Most bunk beds available on the market are directed for a couple of beds, but it is possible to find a bed trio bunk bed. The beds come in a variety of sizes including twin-size mattresses on top and bottom, double mattresses over a full mattress or a full mattress over another full-size mattress. The full bunk beds are ideal for teens or adults who need a bunk bed setup.


Most bunk beds use a ribbed or “Bunkie” board system rather than a traditional box spring. The use of ribs or a Bunkie card allows the weight of the frame to be reduced, which is important for the structure of bunk beds. A Bunkie board is a flat and thin platform of wood and can vary in quality. A durable Bunkie board is the key to proper support. Many times Bunkie Board can be purchased separately; much like a box spring is usually a separate purchase from the mattress. Bunk beds are usually made of wood or metal frame, which can vary in quality and price. Maple, oak, cherry and pine forests are popular choices for bunk beds for their durability. Bed The most expensive metal framed floor will consist of titanium or an aluminum alloy, both of which are light yet strong.

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